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Tuesday Studies

The studies for ministry January to June in 2018 are focusing on Coming Events.

Jan 9th Jesus is Coming Again
Why study prophecy?
J Salisbury MP3
Jan 16th God's Ways with Mankind
Dispensations and Covenants
J Salisbury MP3
Jan 23rd Israel and the Church
Distinguising the difference
D Rudge MP3
Feb 6th A King's Dream
Nebuchadnezzar's Image Vision
P Cartwright MP3
Feb 13th Daniel's Vision
Prophecy of 70 Weeks
M Penfold MP3
Feb 27th Israel's Four Great Enemises in the End Times
The Beast, the Second Beast, Kings of the North & South
J Black MP3
Mar 6th Christ's Return for His Own
The Rapture
J Black MP3
Mar 13th The Judgment Seat of Christ B Barton MP3
Mar 27th The Marriage and Marriage Supper of the Lamb
The Bride of Christ
M Platt MP3
Apr 10th The Day of the Lord
A Series of Judgments
P Burditt MP3
Apr 24th The Great Tribulation
The Time of Jacob's Trouble
S Swan MP3
May 1st Life in the Tribulation
What will it be like?
S Swan MP3
May 8th Earth's Rightful King
Christ Returns to the Earth
M Hall Unavailable
May 22nd Judgment of the Living Nations
Sheep and Goats
D West MP3
May 29th The Millennium
Christ's 1000 Year Reign
J Salisbury MP3
Jun 5th The Millennium
Part 2
J Salisbury MP3
Jun 12th The Final Revolt
Nothing has changed!
R Burditt MP3
Jun 19th The Great White Throne
Banished to the Lake of Fire
A Hackett MP3
Jun 26th The Day of God
God All in All
D West MP3

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