Tuesday Studies

The study for our Bible readings in 2013 were focusing in the book of Ezra.

April 9th Cyrus Decree 1:1-4
April 23rd Remnant's Response 1:5-11
May 7th Remnant's Return 2:1-70
May 28th Altar Built 3:1-6
June 4th Temple Foundations Laid 3:6-13
June 11th The Work Ceases (1) 4:1-16
July 9th The Work Ceases (2) 4:17-24
July 23rd Building Again 5:1-17
July 30th Darius' Decree 6:1-14
August 6th Keeping the Feasts 6:15-22
August 13th Artaxerxes' Decree 7:1-28
August 27th Further Return with Ezra 8:1-36
September 3rd Separation Lost 9:1-15
September 10th Separation Restored 10:1-44