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If you are thinking of visiting us for the first time, we'd suggest joining us for our Gospel service on Sunday at 6.30pm.

We also hold Bible teaching meetings on Tuesdays (click HERE), Fridays (Winter months only) and Saturdays (every 4th Saturday).

Saturday Night Ministry

The following table shows the meetings on Saturday nights for 2015 (Lord Willing). Saturdays at 7.30pm; Lord's Day at 4.15pm. Conferences (in bold) 3.15pm and 6.15pm.


January 23-27* John Finegan,
Paul Williams,
Willie Houston,
Andy Mullan
Malawi, Romania, Lord's Work Trust, Birmingham
February 28 Dave Coles Bath
March 28 Alastair Henry Uxbridge
April 25-26 David West Leicester
May 23 Ken Totton Cambridge
June 27-30** Malcolm Radcliffe Rathfriland
July 25 Gordon Stewart Wallingford
August 21-23^ Colin Hutchison Kinross
Colin Lacey,
Paul McCauley
Bath, Belfast
October 24 Daniel Voisey Adamsdown
November 28-29** Ian Jackson Eastbourne

* Missionary Conference Weekend.
** Continues Monday and Tuesday.
^ Young People's Residential Weekend.
^^ Ministry Conference Weekend.

For your interest, the speakers for 2006 are available HERE, 2007 HERE, 2008 HERE, 2009 HERE, 2010 HERE, 2011 HERE, 2012 HERE, 2013 HERE, 2014 HERE.