Saturdays and week nights at 7.30pm. Lord's Day at 4.15pm. Conferences 3.15pm and 6.15pm


Saturday Night Ministry

The following table shows the meetings on Saturday nights for 2006 (Lord Willing):

January 27-31
Mr N McMeekin, Mr G Woods Rep of Ireland, Isle of Man
February 25-26
Mr J Grant Bridge of Weir
March 25-26 Mr A Carew Tooting
April 22 Mr S Baker Manchester
May 27-28 Mr J McMaster Gateshead
June 24 Mr P Burditt Northampton
July 22-23 Mr K Rudge St Austell
August 26-27 Mr D West Leicester
September 23 Mr I Jackson Eastbourne
October 28-29
Mr A Sinclair, Mr S Grant Crosshouse, Bridge of Weir
November 25 Mr F Lonney Cardiff