Spencer Bridge Road  |  Northampton  |  NN5 7DP

Bible Exhibition 2017

The Spencer Bridge Road Gospel Hall held the exhibition again between the 6th and 17th March 2017, the tenth such biennial visit.  Primary schools from around the county, which are regularly visited by the CSALT team, were invited and 23 managed to secure visit slots in an oversubscribed programme.  This resulted in some 1,100 pupils, mainly years 5 and 6, being conducted around the displays which were completely new this year.  These new displays were well received by the schools.

As usual the children were required to complete a worksheet and following the tour were given refreshments.  They then participated in a quiz to reinforce what they had been shown and told.

This continues to be a much anticipated event in the calendar of the schools who have been and it is hoped that we will be able to host the exhibition again in March 2019.

Teachers’ comments from the year:

“Brilliant, explaining all about the Bible. Children really engaged & excited about learning.  Would recommend it to others.”   Lumbertubs Primary.

“Very informative & well organised.  Amazed at the childrens’ learning.  Thank you.”  Little Houghton CE Primary.

“Love the new displays, the quiz is still amazing after all these years”  Delapre Primary.

“The children really enjoyed the experience, listening and taking on board new information. Thank you.”                                                                  St. Mary’s C Primary.

The exhibition was divided into five sections. These are:

  • Who is God?
  • What is the Bible?
  • How did we get the Bible?
  • What's in the Bible?
  • Why should the Bible be important to me?

We believe that through these sections a grasp of the importance of God's Word can be experienced.

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